Bespoke industrial vehicle bodywork

Bodywork for industrial vehicles, trucks and trucks

When owning industrial vehicles, lorries and trucks, it must always be borne in mind that this type of vehicle requires specific attention and care and also very often we need to adapt or transform a vehicle, either because it is dated and new features are needed or because the vehicle it doesn’t fit our needs. Obviously, all this can be provided, at the service level, by the bodywork service for industrial vehicles, trucks and trucks .

This type of business is able to provide the bodywork maintenance that a vehicle needs, as well as color changes and the application of commercial logos and company colors. In addition, there are body shops that actually modify the exterior of the vehicle and adapt it to various functions.

Creation of made-to-measure structures

In this regard, there are tailor-made creations, such as: realization of tailor-made caissons which can be rigid or arched with a very wide range of types as regards loading and unloading, realizations of a whole series of demountable elements ranging from caissons and real equipment such as cranes and the like, we can have adaptations such as widening the support surface and raising the roof even if this can also be produced by a mechanical system that will do it according to the needs of the work performed .

The solutions that can be adapted range from the simplest that do not require a particular design to the more complex ones that include mechanical, electronic and hydraulic elements. For example, a hydraulically tipping body is not new in this field and can easily be made by a company operating in this field. Obviously it is pointed out here that every company that deals with bodywork for industrial vehicles, trucks and trucks has its own fields of specialization and provides services that may differ from one to another. For this reason it may happen that you do not find the correct serve at the first try and have to hear more than one.

Furthermore, the range of prices also varies and the quote we receive for our creations is not always suitable for our pockets. Last but not least is the experience of the company itself which obviously determines the quality of the final product that we are going to receive. In this case the ideal thing is to rely on a company that has a lot of experience so that it provides excellent service, complete and detailed advice, with an excellent price / quality ratio.

 Bespoke industrial vehicle bodywork. Truck and truck equipment

Bespoke bodywork for trucks and lorries

Our company has been providing tailor-made service as bodywork of industrial vehicles, trucks and trucks for almost forty years .

We put all our experience at the customer’s service by providing excellent service.

We design and manufacture the creations for industrial vehicles with skill and meticulousness in order to comply with all European safety regulations. In this way, the people who work with our jobs, whether they are employed or not, will be able to rest assured.

Our works are made to last, thanks to the quality of the materials used and the workmanship. These structures will therefore be able to withstand the stresses that this type of structures undergo during work.

Our strength is the amount of years of experience that makes us one of the best solutions in the bodywork for industrial vehicles.

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