Bodies for trucks and swap bodies for industrial vehicles

Realization and design of bespoke truck bodies

Our company has now been involved in the creation and custom design of truck bodies for almost 40 years.

What do these two words mean in the field of trucks and their bodies? Basically we are talking about very technical and professional things. First of all, it is necessary to take into consideration case by case and understand that needs vary between client and client and that one must understand what the client wants, that is his idea and what he needs. With a very clear idea of ​​moving to the design of the thing using skills and experience, putting everything in black and white and obtaining a project that can be done properly. Everything is passed to the realization where the experience of almost 40 years makes itself felt, creating quality caissons, made to last over the years and to be used with maximum safety by anyone who has to do with them, this means respecting all European design, construction and safety standards.

Finally, the truck with the perfectly finished body will be delivered to the customer who can implement it in his team instantly. Call us to find the solution you are looking for regarding the bodies of your trucks, we are ready to help you 100%.

Bodies for industrial vehicles: stat and lift swap bodies

There are different types of mobile caissons and these must be seen from the point of view of the customer’s needs. Two solutions that are often required are the mobile stat and lift bodies.

What are they?

The first type, that is the stat type, is a type of common mobile body construction in which 4 manually adjustable supports are positioned underneath in order to support the weight of the body itself in case of removal from the truck.

The other solution, which requires more time to implement, which requires a more technical implementation is the lift solution, in this case mechanical jacks are positioned, in a variety of configurations based on the needs, which are triggered at the automatic level when it occurs. the need to support the weight of the body itself and to allow the truck to move away from it. This solution, as mentioned before, requires a more complex design and not all customers always need it, seeing the cost situation as well.

 Bodies for trucks and swap bodies for industrial vehicles

Bodies for trucks: types of swap bodies for industrial vehicles

The type of creations that can be created for trucks and for companies is varied and as repeated several times it revolves around the actual needs of the customer. We have the stat solution and the lift solution as regards the unhooking of the body from the truck. The caissons can be with rigid walls or covered with a tarpaulin which in turn can have the openings positioned in many different parts. There are caissons that change according to need, for example with the roof that rises further or the base that widens according to the space required. There are also tippers and unique structures for a single purpose according to customer requests.

Visit our website to get an idea of ​​all this and to find the solution that best suits your needs. If you do not find the solution you can contact us for a tailor-made realization, we will do everything to find the right product for you.

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