Custom truck setup

Allestimento automezzi personalizzati Macior

Custom truck setup Trucl customization is a fundamental process in optimizing the efficiency and functionality of commercial vehicles. This process involves the tailoring of vehicles to the specific needs of the business or individual, enabling them to perform specific tasks more effectively. Types of truck equipment The preparation of industrial truck can vary considerably according […]

Rib raises and lowers for truck

Allesrtimento centina alza e abbassa per camion Marcior

Rib raises and lowers for truck Among our types of equipment for trucks and industrial vehicles, the lift and lower rib stands out. This type of installation is very convenient and can be done both on trucks and on their respective trailers. Each of our installations is entirely made to measure to meet the needs […]

Sliding covers for trucks

Coperture scorrevoli per autocarri su misura Marcior

Sliding covers for trucks Sliding covers for trucks offer numerous advantages in terms of practicality, efficiency and safety during the transport of goods of various kinds. The advantages of these sliding covers These arrangements consist of panels that can be opened and closed from the side, allowing easy access to the truck load. This system […]

Industrial vehicle conversions

Trasformazioni veicoli industriali su misura Marcior

Conversions of industrial vehicles In the dynamic and ever-changing world of industrial vehicles, few companies manage to emerge as pioneers and leaders in the transformation and customization of these impressive machines. Among these companies, Marcior stands out brightly, a name that embodies innovation, ingenuity and excellence in the sector of < strong>industrial vehicle conversions. With […]

Truck sides installation

Sovrasponde camion in alluminio Marcior di Verona

Truck sides installation Truck sides are installations that are mounted on the side of a truck or trailer to increase its load capacity and transport volume. These superstructures are commonly used to transport bulky goods, lumber, building materials, agricultural machinery and other bulky loads. These arrangements include side panels that can be removed or lowered, […]

Van fittings

Allestimenti furgoni: ottimizza lo spazio di carico | Marcior

Van fittings: optimize your load space Have you ever wanted to turn your van into an efficient and organized workspace? With our van fitting service, you can make it a real extension of your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re self-employed, a growing business or have specific personal needs, our bespoke fitments will transform your […]

Curtainside lorry

Camion telonato allestimento su misura. Marcior di Verona

Curtainside lorry: made-to-measure equipment The tented lorry is the key to your business logistics. It allows you to transport goods all over the world keeping them safe in its cargo space. With our curtainside truck fitting service, you can transform your vehicle into a logistics center on wheels, optimizing loading space and simplifying loading and […]

Tail lift equipment for trucks

Tail lifts for trucks, lorries and industrial vehicles

Tail lifts for trucks, lorries and industrial vehicles Very often we see trucks, lorries and industrial vehicles performing different types of activities regarding the transport of things and goods. One thing that sometimes does not immediately catch the eye is how the operators of these vehicles do the loading and unloading functions. To this situation […]

Curtainsider van with tailor-made set-up

Curtainsider van and tailor-made set-up. Industrial bodywork

Curtainsider van with made-to-measure equipment The van is one of the most widespread industrial and working means of transport in almost all commercial activities on the Italian territory. There are all kinds and sizes of them; the van manufacturers themselves provide the catalogs with options that can satisfy the demands of most customers depending on […]

Curtainsider truck: what it means and what are the achievements

Curtainsider truck. Made to measure on trucks and industrial vehicles

What does tilt truck mean? In the world of companies, industries and construction, terms are encountered every day that very often are not completely known and these are often in relation to vehicles, means and tools also used in a fairly common and general way. The realizations that exist in this way are many, but […]