Curtains for trucks and industrial vehicles

What is the rib?

Very often when we talk about fittings for industrial vehicles we hear the word ribs or half rib .

This term is also often used because it is one of the most widespread solutions among all those that exist regarding industrial vehicles .

But now let’s go into detail to understand exactly what this type of set-up consists of. A rib is basically a tarpaulin that includes a metal structure positioned in the rear door of the vehicle.

Tarpaulins are designed to withstand external agents and to resist tearing; they are generally made with various types of plastic material. An advantage of this type of construction is that the loading system can be implemented in many more ways than a fixed solution.

We can have caissons that allow the lateral loading of the material, or we can create something that allows the rear loading. There are also ribs that allow loading and unloading from the top of the vehicle, with a crane for example.

There is no lack of more radical solutions that allow the complete uncovering of the box allowing complete access to its interior using an accordion system. This type of vehicle is usually used for vehicles that transport drinks as they ensure greater ease in loading and unloading.

In short, the arching is a type of construction that adapts to a wide spectrum of uses.

 Curtains for trucks and industrial vehicles. Ribs and industrial body

What does it mean?

The term “rib” simply means a vehicle to which a rib is applied, ie a structure covered with a tarpaulin is set up in the way explained in the previous paragraph.

This, as already mentioned, can be a new vehicle with this type of equipment already standard, a new vehicle subsequently adapted according to the needs of a customer, a roll-off construction or a dated vehicle that is in some way renewed making it usable for other tasks or functions.

In any case, the camber represents an excellent solution to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods for almost all types of loading.

Curtains for trucks and industrial vehicles

Our leading company in this sector has been providing quality ribs and ribs for more than forty years.

This can be done by setting up specific vehicles, but also by renewing dated vehicles with a new camber. We take care of analyzing the customer’s need and designing the right solution for him.

Then we move on to the realization phase where, making use of our experience and our professional production means, we set to work to create a quality product that will last many years and will be able to withstand the intense use characteristic of any company. .

Furthermore, all our products comply with the various European safety regulations in order to guarantee the safety of those who use this type of products and those who have to deal with them in general.

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