Curtainside lorry

Curtainside lorry: made-to-measure equipment

The tented lorry is the key to your business logistics. It allows you to transport goods all over the world keeping them safe in its cargo space.

With our curtainside truck fitting service, you can transform your vehicle into a logistics center on wheels, optimizing loading space and simplifying loading and unloading operations.

What are the advantages of this installation on the truck?

The advantages of this processing are many and your truck will be optimized for your business. Among the key points we have:

Customization for your needs

We understand that every business has unique transportation requirements. That’s why we offer highly customized equipment solutions to fit your specific needs. Whether you are transporting goods over long distances, bulky materials or delicate products, our arrangements are custom designed to ensure your cargo is safe and well organised.

Ease of uploading and downloading

With a truck, access to the load can be critical. Our racking systems are designed to simplify the process of loading and unloading goods into your truck with a tarpaulin.

Protection of sensitive loads

Some loads require extra protection from environmental factors such as humidity, dust or sunlight. Our set-ups can include covering or separation solutions to protect your most sensitive loads. This way, you can maintain the integrity of your products during transport and deliver them to customers in perfect condition.

Duration and solidity of the curtainside lorry

Curtainsider truck bodies need to be strong and durable to withstand the challenges of road transport. We use high-quality materials and design our solutions with the robustness needed to tackle different conditions. The robustness of our equipment ensures that your investment continues to offer long-term benefits.

Assistance from experts from the Marcior group of Verona

Marcior’s team is made up of qualified experts in commercial vehicle outfitting operations. We will be able to listen to your needs and transform them into practical and functional solutions. Trust us for competent advice and high-quality services.

Efficiency and cost reduction

Investing in the right equipment for your truck with curtainsider translates into operational efficiency and savings in time and money. Reduce costs associated with damaged cargo, downtime and logistical inefficiencies. A well organized and equipped truck allows you to handle more loads faster and more economically.

Logistics breakthrough

Our “Truck Tarpaulin” set-up service is the key to improving your logistics capacity and strengthening your operational efficiency. Transform your curtain truck into a versatile tool, capable of tackling the challenges of commercial transportation with ease.

Don’t wait any longer, contact us today to discuss your bodywork needs for your truck curtain wall. We are ready to help you optimize your cargo space and elevate your business to new levels of logistics success.


Curtainside truck made to measure. Marcior di Verona


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