Curtainsider van with tailor-made set-up

Curtainsider van with made-to-measure equipment

The van is one of the most widespread industrial and working means of transport in almost all commercial activities on the Italian territory. There are all kinds and sizes of them; the van manufacturers themselves provide the catalogs with options that can satisfy the demands of most customers depending on the demand. Among the configurations we have one that is the queen of flexibility regarding the loading and unloading solutions of vans and commercial vehicles. This solution is the curtainsider van.

What does this curtainsider van consist of?

We are talking about a plastic sheet that is placed over a structure and secured with cables in order to protect the contents of the van. You can have standard ribs or have a tailor-made set-up made on your van to make it ribbed exactly according to our needs. In addition, the structures that are already present can be modified.

The fittings for curtainsider vans are of various shapes, in fact we can have a type of rear, side, top unloading and unloading, up to a solution that allows the complete uncovering of the van body with an accordion mechanism. Furthermore, the ribs can be printed and colored according to the customer’s needs, making their replacement very simple compared to a rigid solution.

Our company has been operating in the field of the realization of ribs or ribs for vans for more than thirty-five years, putting all this experience at the service of customers in order to provide the exact solution they need through a precise design, a realization that reaches very high production standards and which comply with all European safety standards in order to guarantee the protection of all those who have to do with them. Call us for help in finding your solution for your curtainsider vans.

 Curtainsider van and tailor-made equipment. Industrial bodywork

All the services for your van

There is a range of services for those who own a curtainsider van that can be purchased from our company such as maintenance activities of the same, its modification according to new specifications and needs, its replacement in order to change its color or to print a new graphic on it. We also create new types of structures by substantially modifying the old ones, for example by modifying the loading and unloading methods of the rib of the van itself with in the case of switching from a type of side load to a higher type or by completely replacing the rib for a solution that completely uncovered. Obviously this is not all, if you have a van with a rib or curtain side, call us to get the full overview of the services we can offer and to find the modification or maintenance service that suits your needs.

Would you like more information on the curtainsider van?

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