Custom truck setup

Custom truck setup

Trucl customization is a fundamental process in optimizing the efficiency and functionality of commercial vehicles.

This process involves the tailoring of vehicles to the specific needs of the business or individual, enabling them to perform specific tasks more effectively.

Types of truck equipment

The preparation of industrial truck can vary considerably according to the industry and needs.

A delivery company may require an fitting that maximizes cargo space, thus optimizing the transport of goods. On the other hand, a construction company may require set-up including shelving, drawers and compartments to transport heavy equipment and materials. In the case of trucks, the outfitting could involve the installation of cranes or hydraulic platforms to facilitate the lifting of heavy loads.

These are the types of vehicle fittings that we tailor-make for your needs:

  • open chests;
  • swap bodies;
  • cambering;
  • hydraulic ribs;
  • double floor;
  • vans;
  • expandable columns;
  • demountable;
  • special;
  • expandable roof;
  • tilting roof;
  • translating roof.

Each project is followed at 360° to give you a unique piece, made entirely to meet your needs.

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Equipment Macior customized vehicles

The safety of the goods comes first!

A crucial aspect of vehicle rigging is safety. Motor vehicles and trucks often carry valuable or dangerous cargo, so it is essential that rigging is designed to ensure load stability and driver safety and other road users.

This could include the installation of anchoring devices, advanced fastening systems and safety devices.

All our fittings are subjected to continuous tests and checks during the construction phase in order to give you a safe and long-lasting product.

Personalization for an aesthetic factor

In addition to functionality and safety, the aesthetic aspect can also be taken into consideration when equipping the vehicles. Many companies choose to personalize the external appearance of their vehicles with their corporate logo and design, thus contributing to brand visibility.

In conclusion, the outfitting of vehicles and trucks is a process that goes beyond the simple customization of vehicles. It’s about optimizing performance, security, and even corporate image. With the right equipment, companies can make the most of the capabilities of their vehicles and tackle everyday challenges more easily and efficiently.

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