Preparation of open boxes for ribs of trucks and lorries

Open boxes for industrial vehicles with mtt greater than 3.5 tons

The open boxes are generally composed of a structure in high resistance steel suitable for the capacity of the vehicle, with various types of perimeter bars (high resistance steel or stainless steel). At the end of the assembly, the structure is subjected to a cycle of degreasing, phosphating, sandblasting with garnet, painting with epoxy primer and polyurethane enamel. As an alternative to painting the steel structure, it can be subjected to hot galvanizing by immersion in special tanks of liquid zinc. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can create: Platforms of different types
  • Wisa Trans multilayer (high wear resistance), completely sealed in the joints and perimeter
  • multilayer covered with almond-coated aluminum sheets or with smooth or almond-coated steel sheets
  • with self-supporting extruded aluminum profiles, fixing with screws and sealant
  • one-piece sheet in Hardox wear-resistant steel
Aluminum sides (if requested by the customer) of the required height with lever uprights in high-strength steel, stainless steel or aluminum Front and rear pole holders (removable) Various load securing systems certified according to EN12640

Open boxes for industrial vehicles with mtt less than 3.5 tons:

These open boxes are generally made of high-strength aluminum alloy complete with 15 mm plywood floor with 400 mm aluminum sides and completions such as front or rear pole holders as requested by the customer.

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We also inform you that the company Marcior Srl – with headquarters in via Francia, 41 – 37069 Villafranca di Verona is pleased to inform you that since 01/10/2018, it holds the EN 12642-XL | XL certification for 5 different types of fixed and adjustable ribs. Find out more about the XL Certification.

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