Rib raises and lowers for truck

Rib raises and lowers for truck

Among our types of equipment for trucks and industrial vehicles, the lift and lower rib stands out. This type of installation is very convenient and can be done both on trucks and on their respective trailers.

Each of our installations is entirely made to measure to meet the needs of the customer and the sector in which it operates. This aspect is very important to have a vehicle optimized for the job to which it is assigned.

What is this set up for?

This setup is very useful in those situations where you need to have a lot of space to take out the goods with extreme delicacy.

Having additional room for maneuver and movement favors unloading by the forklift which must carefully handle the pallets or containers inside the vehicle.

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Equipping rib raise and lower for Marcior truck

Customized raise and lower rib

A strong point of our Marcior company is that we build every set-up completely from scratch, including the raise-lower rib.

This therefore means that product customization is 100% possible and the project will be followed at 360° on every aspect to give you a complete service that meets your needs.

For over 30 years we have been following these projects on trucks, vehicles and industrial vehicles to optimize them for the sector in which they must operate.

You can find us in our headquarters in Villafranca (Verona) in Via Francia n’41, you will be able to view our creations live and together we will evaluate your project to find the best solution that suit you.

Do you want to have more information on the raise and lower rib setup?

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