Sideboards for trucks, lorries and industrial vehicles

Side panels for trucks, lorries and industrial vehicles

Industrial vehicles such as trucks and lorries are commonly used all over the world by companies, large or small, to transport materials or to locate goods in the desired location. Sometimes a truck or lorry bed can be completely open, thus allowing a quicker approach when it comes to loading and unloading, which is necessary on certain occasions in order to facilitate those who take care of these tasks and save time. valuable. In these cases, the box does not have a cover, but only removable sides which keep the contents of the box inside during transport. In this article we will deal with the topic of lifts for trucks .

These sides exist in a variety of shapes and materials ranging from iron to aluminum sides, with different types of design regarding the release system and hinges, without counting accessories such as hooks for tighten any tarpaulins covering the load.

Obviously all this can be provided with the vehicle or you can contact a company for a tailor-made solution based on the activity carried out.

 Sideboards for trucks, lorries and industrial vehicles. Aluminum sideboard

Types of lifts for trucks

When it comes to tailgates for trucks, lorries and commercial vehicles, we enter a sector that has several nuances.

First you need to analyze the measures , as each means of transport has a specific conformation and based on the customer’s needs.

Next we have the material of which it is decided whether to use iron which guarantees excellent resistance at the expense of greater weight; or aluminum sides that give a good strength / lightness ratio.

Finally, the thickness of the sides will be chosen, selecting the most suitable measure according to need. In all this we add optional elements such as for example the hooks that are added according to the request in order to have a way to block any tarpaulins to the body and further protect the contents from any atmospheric agents.

In fact, a tail lift for trucks has different types of internal sections and this too is taken into consideration based on the use it has to make.

Then there are a whole series of finishes such as rubber caps that close the sections of the sides and the closing system itself. They can have different configurations ranging from its own type to the material with which it is made.

Creation of tailor-made systems for your truck

Our company specializes in realizations in the sector of means of transport and industrial vehicles such as trucks and lorries.

We create completely tailor-made lifts analyzing the customer’s needs and providing a quality product that reaches high standards of design and construction in compliance with European regulations for this kind of elements.

We use qualitatively valid materials in order to provide a product destined to last over time and to withstand all the stresses of the vehicle. Call us for a free consultation and to get all the information regarding tailor-made lifts for trucks.

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