Tailor-made roll-off set-up for industrial vehicles

What are the demountable vehicles?

Very often we hear the term hooklift when it comes to industrial vehicles, trucks and lorries.

But what exactly does the term demountable used when we talk about these types of industrial machines?

It means that the rear part of the vehicle can be detached from the tractor and can be replaced with another one, in fact the detachable piece is designed in such a way as to easily detach and be placed somewhere by doing I generally use four stabilizers and then, if necessary, be hung up so let’s say “on the fly”.

But what exactly can be done with a setup of this type demountable?

The applications are many. First of all you can see that the roll-off boxes can be replaced on the fly, so you can for example load a box with a material, place it somewhere and in the meantime hook up another type of box, make use of it and then repeat the same maneuver. .

This can come in handy when working on construction sites that need a spectrum of different materials and supplies and each need a specific type of body.

But it doesn’t stop there as you can also hook other types of equipment to a tractor such as small cranes or other types of equipment. This makes a specific truck always usable as various types of equipment can be used at a seasonal level, making it practically usable all year round without the need to purchase other vehicles, allowing the company to save considerably.

 Customized roll-off set-up for trucks and industrial vehicles

How much does a roll-off body weigh?

The weight of a roll-off skip obviously varies from type to type, especially if we take into consideration the exact material it is made of and the thickness of the structure, as based on the type of use there will be an exact type of structure capable of resisting to some effort.

The type of tractor that will transport the body also plays a role in its design. We can see that a box can weigh from 700/800 Kg up to the most important dimensions and achievements that exceed 3500Kg.

As you can see, the weight range is varied and, although these are the average values, there are also more impressive structures.

Equipment for roll-off vehicle

Our company has been operating in this field for many years now and specializes in tailor-made fittings and constructions for your hooklift truck.

For this reason, of course, we offer a wide range of solutions regarding roll-off bodies and other roll-off structures.

Call us for a free consultation so we can understand your exact needs for your hook lift. Having drawn up the estimate and the design, he will showcase his forty years of experience and precision.

Subsequently, the realization will make use of specific technologies and we will make your hooklifts with a high quality standard for you. Our products are made to last and are able to withstand the great stresses that this type of structures must undergo. Furthermore, everything is done following the various regulations in terms of safety that exist, in order to create something safe both for those who will use it and for the people around. Call us immediately. We’re at your service!

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