Truck sides installation

Truck sides installation

Truck sides are installations that are mounted on the side of a truck or trailer to increase its load capacity and transport volume. These superstructures are commonly used to transport bulky goods, lumber, building materials, agricultural machinery and other bulky loads.

These arrangements include side panels that can be removed or lowered, as well as a top cover. Thanks to this structure, the people responsible for loading and unloading goods will have their work simplified.

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Marcior di Verona aluminum truck sides

Maximize the use of cargo space with this set-up

Truck tailgates maximize cargo space utilization, allowing you to transport materials that would otherwise be too large or cumbersome to carry on a vehicle without this structure. Although this integration is installed, it is always better to make sure that the load is safe and well secured to avoid risks during transport.

We remind you that the regulations for truck fittings and transported loads change from country to country, so it is always better to inquire to know that you can be sure that you can carry out this installation on your industrial vehicle.

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