Pivoting roof

Pivoting roof fitting for truck and industrial vehicle ribs

Pivoting roof installation for industrial vehicles

The system allows the roof to be moved vertically outside the vehicle to allow lateral loading from above. Suitable for lateral loading / unloading from above of large crates. Thanks to this advanced technological solution, by installing it on the rib of your truck, we will be able to satisfy any load requirement.

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Trust Marcior srl of Villafranca di Verona and its thirty years of experience in industrial bodywork.
We deal with fitting out of your truck or industrial vehicle ribs. We create customized automated roofs for the curtainsider, caissons, vans and more. All made according to customer needs.

We also inform you that the company Marcior Srl – with headquarters in via Francia, 41 – 37069 Villafranca di Verona is pleased to inform you that since 01/10/2018, it holds the EN 12642-XL | XL certification for 5 different types of fixed and adjustable ribs. Find out more about the XL Certification.

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