Preparation of insulated truck body for truck and van ribs

Our isothermal van works on industrial vehicles

For the preparation of the isothermal vans , the walls and the roof can be made with different types of material:


  • Fiberglass / insulating / fiberglass panels

  • Steel / insulating / steel (ferrofoam) panels

  • Smooth or ribbed aluminum sheets

  • Aluminum / insulating / aluminum panels

  • Plywood panels (plywood covered externally / internally with fiberglass)

The rear part of the insulated van could be completed with:


  • Rear doors made with the same material with which the box was made or made with doors with aluminum profiles.

  • Vertically sliding rear damper.

  • Door that can be opened upwards by means of gas springs.

The insulated van has different types of side doors or doors that can be opened upwards by means of gas springs (or jacks with relative electro-hydraulic control unit).

The supporting structure is made of high-strength steel. Subsequently, the structure will undergo a cycle of: degreasing, phosphating, sandblasting with garnet, painting with epoxy primer and polyurethane enamel.

As an alternative to painting the steel structure, it can be subjected to hot galvanizing by immersion in special liquid zinc tanks.

Open boxes for industrial vehicles with gross vehicle weight below 3.5 tons:

Depending on the customer’s needs, platforms of different types can be created:
  • Wisa Trans multilayer (high wear resistance) completely sealed in the joints and perimeter
  • multilayer covered with almond-coated aluminum sheets or with smooth or almond-coated steel sheets
  • with self-supporting aluminum profiles
  • stainless steel sheet metal
  • isolated (multilayer covered with epoxy resin)
The van can be completed according to the customer’s needs with:
  • supply and assembly of retractable or hinged side rails of all brands and of any admitted capacity
  • supply and assembly of tow hooks in normal position or in forward and lowered position.

Types of platforms for isothermal truck

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