Curtainsider bodies for trucks

Curtainsiders for trucks and industrial vehicles

The truck is one of the most used industrial means of transport as every company that needs to transport supplies, materials and goods has at least one, then moving on to large companies and multinationals that have entire fleets at their service. Like all industrial vehicles, they exist in a variety of configurations based on the specific needs of those who use or buy them. One of the most common solutions used by the smallest to the largest vehicles are curtainsider bodies for trucks .

When we talk about roofing, we are talking about the plastic tarpaulin with which the metal structure of the body is then covered.

The sheet is fixed in various ways to the structure in such a way as to resist the forces that will stress it during its state of operation. Seeing a caisson with ribs, the question may arise as to what advantage this represents compared to perhaps a rigid solution.

Meanwhile, the rib allows a wider configuration as regards the loading and unloading point. We can have a normal rear access, one side, one top. You can also see solutions that provide, using the accordion system, to completely uncover the box allowing complete access to its interior.

Another advantage of this type of tank cover is its lightness, in fact a solution of this type is much lighter than rigid metal walls which add a lot of weight to the vehicle, leading to greater fuel consumption. Obviously, a rib does not have the resistance to impact or pressure that an all-metal structure can have.

 Curtainsider bodies for trucks, lorries and industrial vehicles

Types of equipment for the curtain side body for trucks

When we talk about types of curtainsider bodies for trucks we are basically talking about the configuration linked to the loading and unloading process and to making it as smooth as possible. This means that the thing revolves around the function that this type of set-up will do. Generally we have the common rear opening, the side opening that can also be adjusted in height, various types of openings on the body ceiling, options that allow the complete and easy uncovering of the body, configuration that allow the increase of the load volume giving greater elasticity of use to the truck body. The workability of the rib allows all these possibilities in the direction of facilitating the work of loading and unloading.

Curtainsiders for trucks made to measure

Our company deals with making tailor-made curtainsider bodies for trucks, analyzing the customer’s needs and creating a quality product completely compliant with regulations in order to guarantee the safety of its operators and of the people who deal with it.

Our design and construction has almost forty years of experience and allows us to quickly understand what is needed and realize it with great skill and quality by providing our customers with a durable and resistant product regarding the tarp bodies for trucks that can cope with the wear of the industrial world.

Call us to receive advice from our experts and request your quote today for the curtainsider bodies of your trucks. Trust the industry experts!

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