Design and construction of custom-made bodywork for trucks

Design and construction of customized truck bodywork

Trucks and trailers are the means par excellence of the various companies around the world. In fact, this allows the location of materials and goods in various locations allowing the work to take place even if the transport of a specific thing is the work itself that that specific company carries out. For this reason, the companies that own at least one of these industrial vehicles are huge. Very often, however, the situation arises in which there is a need for maintenance of the truck body , in fact given the nature of the work they carry out, it is easy for them to get damaged.

Furthermore, very often companies need specific designs suitable for the work they carry out, i.e. modifying the vehicle as needed, whether it is a permanent and non-convertible modification, or a type of modification that makes the vehicle itself adaptable to more functions. Finally, there is also the situation in which you have an old vehicle and you would prefer to convert it by modifying its body rather than replacing it with a completely new vehicle.

What to do in all these cases?

It is necessary to contact a company specialized in truck bodies that knows how to create the right design and construction that allows you to operate in maximum safety and that has an intrinsic nature of durability given the types of works that the vehicle will then have to face, resisting considerable efforts and stresses of a certain type certainly not common to a normal vehicle.

Types of bodywork for heavy vehicles and industrial vehicles

The bodies for trucks that can be built are many, as many as the needs of customers and their activities. We can see that there are, for example, various types of caissons , from the most common ones which are the fixed ones, to the mobile ones that can be interchanged, up to set-ups specific for a special use that the customer will make of them. The same caissons already present sometimes require a modification for example by dividing them further internally. Not to mention their very nature which can be open or closed.

The ribs are another type of realization in great demand, given their use in facilitating the loading and unloading of goods; these can be made in many ways, the structure itself that supports the cloth can have various shapes. For example, they can be suitable for loading from one side only as they are created for loading from above, and they can also be made to fold completely like an accordion giving full access to the truck body. In the case of a construction with rigid walls there are tilting and tilting doors, furthermore the extendable roofs are also required for specific activities. Even the plane of the truck itself can widen. In short, everything is completely determined by the needs of the customer.

 Design and construction of bodywork for trucks and customized industrial vehicles

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