Industrial bodywork for trucks, trucks and industrial vehicles

Tailor-made industrial bodywork for your truck

Whether they are large or small companies, the need to have a service tailored to their means exists in any type of business. Very often commercial activities need tailor-made solutions and on means specially designed to cope with specific tasks and work such as a vehicle designed to carry a specific type of material, or a truck that can load the material to be transported in a way specific to be used in a specific space. Even some companies need specific loading and unloading methods so that the bins can be interchanged very quickly. Usually these just industrial bodywork jobs.

Usually buying a vehicle already prepared for these things can be expensive and it is usually better to have an already available vehicle adapted to these needs. Also what to do with an old medium in case of new types of materials or new types of work?

The solution to all this is to create custom-made industrial bodies for the customer, both by adapting new vehicles to needs, and by renewing an old vehicle by modifying it entirely to make it suitable for new types of work.

Industrial bodywork for trucks, trucks and industrial vehicles

The vehicles that are usually designed, redesigned and modified are trucks, trucks and industrial vehicles as they represent the largest slice of the market. Many companies turn to specialists in industrial body shops so that they can have the right means to perform any type of task and job, saving effort, time and money.

Obviously, everything must be done in the maximum safety of those who will have to do, directly or indirectly with the vehicle, not to mention that given the expense, a product is expected that can withstand years of intense use and work without breaking, be damaged and have to receive more maintenance than necessary.

Our company has been operating in this sector for many years and provides an excellent service by providing the highest quality designs which comply with the most rigorous durability and safety standards. We can take your company vehicle and modify it according to your needs.

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 Industrial bodywork for trucks, trucks and commercial vehicles

Types of industrial fittings for your vehicle

When it comes to industrial body shops we are dealing with a sector that contains a considerable amount of achievements. In fact, first of all we must take into consideration the large amount of means that are used by companies when they operate in their respective sectors.

From here we can find a substantial list of possible modifications and achievements for each type of possible medium. If we have to group them into categories we can find swap bodies and open boxes. In the category of ribs we have the normal ones and those made opposite for a specific task such as the transport of drinks. We have internal subdivisions such as double floors or the most common vans that we see every day even around the city. We have extendable posts and special creations that require particular design.

The roofs of the vehicles also have their possible configurations such as translating roofs, tilting roofs and extendable roofs, each of them with its specific advantage in loading and unloading.

Another common means that we can find are roll-offs. Our company has a solution for each of these creations and is ready to find the right solution for you.

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