Roll-off equipment for trucks

Roll-off equipment for trucks and lorries

The flexibility and the wide range of equipment are the tools of the trade of every self-respecting activity. Today’s companies are based on providing a complete service to their customers and are always looking for ways to be so to speak “flexible” as regards the type of work carried out, trying to find a way to be more and more versatile and at the same time save with equipment. In this case, a solution is increasingly gaining ground in the world of truck and truck fittings (which are, by the way, the most used vehicles in this type of sector): demountable fittings for trucks .

But what is a demountable bodywork for trucks and lorries ?

Basically we are faced with a very flexible solution as it allows us to replace the rear of the vehicle so to speak “on the fly” according to the needs of a specific job. This means that, for example, with a single vehicle we can have access to a wide spectrum of configurations, such as a demountable capable of transporting something, or a demountable with a crane to do other types of work.

In short, with a single vehicle it is possible to do a range of jobs that actually go well all year round. It goes without saying that the savings are considerable and spares the company the fact of buying new vehicles for every single occasion.

We as a leading company in the sector take care of creating solutions suitable for every situation of our customers. We plan, design and manufacture a wide range of demountable fittings for trucks and lorries.

 Roll-off installations for trucks and industrial vehicles

Types of demountable fittings for trucks

There are many different types of demountable set-ups for trucks, in fact the needs of a company in providing its services are many and to optimize the profit it is necessary to find solutions that allow you to save where you can, and in this the demountable solution finds wide application.

The most common solution is obviously the box designed to transport materials and goods . In this case you can simply detach the boxes and park them somewhere and in the meantime connect to other boxes.

Then we have hydraulic solutions that allow for example to quickly unload the materials by overturning the contents with a hydraulic system. There is no shortage of more elaborate things like cranes that can lift materials and deposit or unload them in the chosen location and they can be both front and rear. At the same time we also have reversibles, which are very flexible with regards to their use. Having this type of structures it is possible to mount them on a single vehicle.

Roll-off sections for customized industrial vehicles

Our company has been operating for almost forty years in the sector of industrial vehicle outfitting. We work by analyzing the exact needs of the customer and subsequently creating a tailor-made project that satisfies his requests.

At this point we move on to a realization where we use quality materials and expertise in order to create a high quality finished product that will last over the years and that respects all European safety standards concerning the production of this type of creations, in in such a way as to guarantee the protection of all those who have to do with them.

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Call us at +39 045 7900867 or contact us at our mail, our specialists will at your service. Follow us on our Facebook page or YouTube channel to stay updated on our latest news. We also remind you that you can find here all our products and realizations on industrial vehicles.