Set-up of tailor-made vans for industrial vehicles

Realization of outfitting of vans for commercial vehicles

Companies have always needed a personalized service regarding their industrial means of transport in order to create exactly the setup they need. When we talk about outfitting for commercial vehicles , we are talking about the activity of designing an exact set-up according to the specifications of a customer and make it by trying to maintain a very high standard of production.

Customers have always sought a quality product capable of lasting over time despite the strong stresses that this type of structure can undergo when at work and certainly a realization that can 100% satisfy requests.

Our company has been dealing with this service for almost 40 years. We have always provided a highly professional service to our customers, as well as a wide choice of fittings for vans and industrial vehicles.

Customized van fitting for trucks and commercial vehicles

Type of equipment for the box body

The types of van fittings are various. In the meantime, rigid solutions can be created or solutions that use ribs. The first solution is certainly more resistant, but the second allows flexibility in its use for higher loading and unloading. Arrangements can be made that allow the introduction of goods and materials from various angles such as sideways or even from above. In addition, there is a wide range of products such as internal shelving to organize the contents and automatic ramps. There are also various types of extensions and modifications that can allow a wide spectrum of uses and possibilities. As always, everything is reduced to the specific needs of the customer which can be more or less complex.

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