Swap body setups for trucks and industrial vehicles

Swap bodies: what are they?

One of the most used means in the industrial and commercial fields is the truck. In Italy there are dozens of dozens of companies that deal with transport and logistics using a decidedly Gargantuan fleet of trucks. In all this scenario there is no shortage of solutions to be adopted to have suitable means for a special task. Here we find an essential element for trucks – namely swap bodies. The swap body is a crate-shaped transport unit created in a wide variety of highly resistant materials that are used in both the railway and road transport fields.

They are actual bodies that are positioned on the back of the truck and then fixed so that the vehicle can then take them to their destination. The measures are also various in order to adapt to a specific vehicle and allow use with specific types of transport. Everything must be done in compliance with European laws and regulations on safety and design standards for this type of construction to make their use safe for everyone and for the goods transported.

Equipment for swap bodies for industrial vehicles

Companies that own a fleet of vehicles such as trucks need to have created crates to suit their needs so that they can safely transport everything they need to transport. The realization of swap bodies consists in making a product that allows its use for a certain type of purpose – moreover it must adapt to very high production standards as required by Italian and European laws. This allows their use in complete safety by the operators and the preservation of the goods or material being transported. It also prevents innocent people from being endangered during the transport of the crate.

Our company takes care of creating all this in a well-known working reality and with a wealth of experience resulting from years of work in this sector. We create solutions for our customers to satisfy any type of swap body to make their logistics activities easy and smooth, all at the highest safety standards and in compliance with all current production standards.

Swap body setups for trucks and industrial vehicles

Ribbed swap body for trucks

Swap bodies are necessary in any working environment that uses vans and trucks. These are in fact where the goods and materials that are transported are located – therefore they represent one of the main hubs of the transport activity. Swap bodies can be made of rigid material such as metal but there is also another solution – namely arched swap bodies. These are full-fledged crates, but instead of a metal cover they use a rib that is a high-strength plastic sheet that covers the entire crate resting on its structure. This solution can be accordion so as to reveal the entire case but also with side or top opening, or simply fixed.

All these configurations greatly speed up the loading and unloading processes and allow us to gain safety and speed. Our company offers tailor-made solutions for ribbed swap bodies using the best construction materials. We provide you with the right product that adapts perfectly to your precise need – all by making use of the years of experience gained in this sector.

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