Tailor-made truck fittings. Bodywork for industrial vehicles

Tailor-made truck fitting design

Our company deals with tailor-made truck, lorry and industrial vehicle fittings for the customer .

We have been operating in this sector for almost 40 years and in all this time we have gained an invaluable experience that we put at the complete disposal of the customer.

The truck is the main vehicle of any company that also has some loading and unloading activity in its staff, be it the company’s activity itself. For this reason you need someone who is able to provide a type of service like ours.

We fully analyze your needs to understand what exact type of truck bodywork you need. Then we design everything with expertise and precision gained over the years.

At this point we throw ourselves into the construction of the structure and here we give our best by putting into practice all the hard-acquired know-how to create something lasting and safe for all those who have to do with it. Surely someone might ask why they should turn to us for this type of service. Certainly a legitimate question and the answer is simple and contained in the question itself: we provide this type of service.

Very often you buy vehicles that are not entirely suitable for your purposes, or they need modifications to be truly perfect for the work that will be done, or sometimes you simply have an old vehicle and you want to make sure that it is still useful instead of buying a new one completely dedicated to some new job. This kind of situations are not new and anyone who uses trucks in their business and they are the basic reasons why you need us.

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 Custom truck fittings. Bodywork for industrial vehicles

Equipment for industrial vehicles: all types

When it comes to truck outfitting, the field has several categories and different types of construction.

In fact, everything revolves around a simple concept and a mere element: the customer’s need. For this reason we are specialists who dedicate the correct time to planning.

If we want to understand the general categories of construction we can find a wide range of caissons that are divided primarily into fixed and mobile. If we take into consideration only the mobile ones we can see that there is the stat option with manual mechanical feet or the more expensive solution that requires the energy of the lifts which, on the other hand, allow the lifting in an automatic way thanks to the hydraulic jacks. The body structure itself can be with a rigid wall or with a tarpaulin. The fixed wall can open in a considerable variety of ways to give access to the one contained in the structure and the tarpaulins can also have the opening in various points, also allowing the opening from the top, not to mention the complete removal of the object like an accordion. .

There are also more elastic solutions that allow the body to adapt “on the fly” to some specific need. Like those whose roof widens and those whose base widens in order to broaden their spectrum of use. Boxes have the possibility of being demountable, but also tipping as in the transport of building material. There are also small internal changes to the box such as a specific subdivision of the spaces according to what is required, opening the door to an infinite number of configurations.

Obviously, if the customer does not find the solution for him in this long list of possibilities, there is also the situation in which a realization is made completely on measures and for that specific thing, but this must be seen in detail and designed with care.

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