Tarpaulin preparation for trucks

How much does the truck tarpaulin cost?

The question “ How much do truck tarpaulins cost? ” hides many variables within it as everything affects multiple characteristics. It depends on the size of the sheet that is commissioned or needed, the type of vehicle on which it will be applied, the type of material that will be used for its realization (as this obviously varies according to the loading and unloading that the sheet will have to undergo) and whether or not the customer requests specific colors or the printing of written specifications or even the logo for promotional or recognition purposes.

As a leading company in this sector we have been dealing with truck tarpaulins for almost forty years, making tarpaulins and ribs of the highest quality designed exactly around the needs of our customers. For this reason, the correct thing to do is to call us for a consultation and a free quote that will allow us to understand the needs and provide a price based on the request. Trust us professionals for your truck tarpaulins to be on the safe side. We look forward to your call!

How to clean truck tarpaulins?

Like all things that operate in the field of industry, truck tarpaulins are also subject to wear, but above all they are subject to getting dirty.

Obviously, this too must be done with care and with the correct use of method, despite the fact that this material is very resistant.

Use a non-abrasive cloth and sponge and use non-corrosive soap to avoid damaging the tarpaulin and the color. It is then necessary to rinse the cloth with water not exceeding 30 ° to avoid deformations.

For example, you can use a soft-bristled broom to remove the bulk of the dirt and then a microfiber cloth to remove the rest using it by making circular movements. For the toughest stains you can always use a soft bristle brush as mentioned above.

If you are in doubt about how to proceed it is best to contact a professional in the production of tarpaulin who will be able to indicate the best solution or will indicate some cleaning or washing company that knows how to manage the truck tarpaulins at the cleaning level in order to obtain the best result.

 Preparation of tarpaulins and tarpaulins for trucks, lorries and industrial vehicles

Tarpaulins for trucks, lorries and industrial vehicles

What is a tarpaulin for trucks, lorries and industrial vehicles?

Generally we find this term combined with that of rib. We are practically talking about a sheet made of plastic material that is very resistant to atmospheric agents and tensions, i.e. tear-proof that is hooked onto a box in order to allow optimal coverage of the contents and at the same time have flexibility when it comes to talking about content unloading.

In this case the tarpaulin is the cover that will then become part of the rib which is the complete realization. It can be made in various formats so that it allows the loading and unloading of the contents of the box in various different ways.

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