Tow hook installation on trucks and industrial vehicles

How much does it cost to put the towbar?

In general, since the assembly of a tow hook is a simple operation compared to other embodiments, therefore it does not involve particular expenses. The tow hook installation depends on the type of hook that will be mounted and on the industrial vehicle.

Who can fit the towbar?

Although the towbar is a simple installation, the Highway Code requires that only an authorized professional and technician can do it in order to have a complete homologation.
It is a question of safety and above all because we are talking about a towbar for trucks which, if not made correctly, can seriously endanger the driver and the people around on the road. Don’t try to do it yourself, whatever medium you are operating on.

 Tow hook installation on trucks and industrial vehicles

What to do to install the towbar?

The correct procedure for installing a towbar, whether we are talking about a car or whether we are talking about an industrial vehicle such as a truck, it is necessary to go to a professional who, based on the nature of the vehicle, will understand which type of hook and which type of installation suits our situation, providing a guarantee and approval on the work performed in order to be fully compliant with current regulations and achieve the necessary safety standards.

Furthermore, as mentioned before, only a professional specialized in this sector can carry out this type of installation.

Tow bar mounting for trucks

Trucks, like other means of transport, sometimes need modifications to make them suitable for particular uses.

This kind of modifications range from the more complex ones such as the realization of an entire body or a roll-off solution that requires a specific design and construction with sometimes an important cost, to the simpler ones such as the assembly of a municipality tow hook for trucks that allows you to connect the vehicle to a trailer

Also in this case it is necessary to pay attention to the issue of safety as we are not talking about a car or a small vehicle (which among other things in any case requires a specialized assembly in order to guarantee its approval), but of a truck therefore it will be necessary to choose the correct type of hook, able to withstand a certain type of effort well above the average (also in this case it is necessary to analyze the needs of the company that will then use this tool) and, obviously, the type of assembly always based on the one previously mentioned, that is the use that will be made.

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