Bodywork for heavy vehicles and industrial vehicles

Bodywork for heavy vehicles

Our country is a republic based on work, for this reason, Italy has a large number of companies that operate in the area, especially in importing and exporting goods and products. In this scenario, every self-respecting company has heavy vehicles, that is, vehicles that exceed 3500kg. This can include trucks, trailers, etc. But very often these companies also need to carry out maintenance on these heavy vehicles such as repairs to the bodywork, sandblasting and the like, as we can find the need to modify the structure of the vehicle itself, for example by changing its color or adapting the space used for the transport of the goods or product according to the needs required by the work, as well as the modification of the type of configuration for the loading and unloading of the contents, opting for example for a superior solution rather than a lateral one.

All this leads to greater flexibility in the type of activity that these vehicles carry out, not to mention that you can also adapt an old vehicle to a new use without spending money on a new purchase.

Types of bodywork for trucks and industrial vehicles

As mentioned before, there are many variables regarding the type of achievements that can be done on the various media. All this obviously boils down to customer needs as a specific job leads to a specific configuration for a specific vehicle.

To give a minimum idea we can find a variety of caissons that can be made according to the type of loading and unloading that will be carried out in fact these can be fixed or mobile for example. The roofs of heavy vehicles are another target of this type of modification, in fact they can be modified to have a higher load or to make them expandable according to the needs of the moment. There is also a wide variety of ribs, i.e. the sheets that will cover a structure in the loading area of ​​a vehicle, in fact these can have openings in various points and can be of various make. Some companies also need to further divide the interior spaces of trucks and other heavy vehicles.

In all this we obviously have normal maintenance work such as repainting, which also includes sandblasting of course, and various types of reinforcements. These modifications can be made on both new and old vehicles, so that they can be renewed to make them work that they previously could not do.

 Bodywork for heavy vehicles. Trucks, industrial vehicles and lorries

Quality bodywork for heavy vehicles

Our heavy vehicle bodywork company has been operating in this sector for many years. We are able to study exactly the most suitable solution for our customers, from the simplest to the most complex. This by adhering to very high quality standards in order to guarantee the safety of every person who will subsequently have to deal with the modified vehicle. This is not only because the laws in force require it, but also because it is our concern to give the customer a superlative service. We are ready to listen to your needs and to create a free quote for all the bodywork work that your heavy vehicles need.

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