Construction of hydraulic and fixed demountable systems

Construction and preparation of demountable systems

Owning the demountable plants in one’s own fleet of vehicles allows a considerable economy and a remarkable elasticity of action.

A vehicle of this type allows interchangeability in the equipment it is equipped with. This means that we can have a tractor with multiple configurations that can be changed as needed.

This certainly, as mentioned before, reduces, reduces the cost of supplying vehicles as it is no longer necessary to have more means to be able to perform the various tasks, but it is enough just to have some means and different structures that can be used, for example making a specific vehicle usable. the year.

Our company takes care of just this: we design and create roll-off structures for a wide range of vehicles, adapting your vehicles to a wide variety of solutions.

We can create various types of caissons designed to satisfy every customer need.

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 Realization of hydraulic and fixed demountable systems for trucks and industrial vehicles

Fixed demountable systems for your industrial vehicle

If we think of a roll-off body, the first thing that comes to mind is the fixed solution that is, that it does not move and that it does not have particular gears to carry out the work.

We are talking about a simple and very common solution where the body is simply attached to the tractor and then subsequently filled with the required one.

If necessary, this structure can be unhooked and then hooked to another.

This type of solutions are economical, compared to others, and usually do not have energy needs as, as mentioned before, they do not have specific gears.

Hydraulic demountable systems for your industrial vehicle

The hydraulic hooklifts make use of hydraulic power to perform a specific operation.

For example, we can have tipping bodies which, by activating a hydraulic mechanism specifically designed for this function, can raise the body and overturn its contents somewhere.

This allows for example to quickly download the contents of these bins for example when you are on a construction site.

Obviously this type of realization, needing a more sophisticated design and having many more parts, tends to be more expensive than a fixed solution and also needs energy to operate, even if, on certain occasions, it is necessary.

Another hooklift that uses a hydraulic mechanism is the crane or the hook. Also in this case the realization takes place with a more specific design and, in some ways more expensive.

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