Hooklift systems for trucks and industrial vehicles

Roll-off systems for trucks and lorries

When we deal with or talk about industrial vehicles suitable for transporting materials or performing some specific task owned by some companies, it is easy to come across the term “ demountable plants ” when referring to some solution or plant that has to do with these means.

Until a good understanding of this term is achieved, it will not be possible to truly appreciate this type of plant and understand the economic advantages that this type of construction brings to a specific administration. We begin to understand what we are talking about. The term demountable has to do with a type of construction that allows the replacement of the rear part of an industrial vehicle with another as needed. This means that according to the situation and the job, you can choose exactly which equipment you will need. It is clear that this makes it unnecessary to purchase various means; with this type of set-up it will be possible to use a single vehicle with multiple configurations.

Types of demountable systems

The types of demountable systems are many as they are entirely based on the amount of activities and functions that will be carried out by a specific company for one specific customer, even if we are talking about internal activities of the company itself. First of all we have the caissons that allow the transport of vehicles and materials, this can be replaced “on the fly” as needed with a demountable solution. In turn, these are divided into fixed solutions that are simply attached and detached (whether they are mechanical or with an automatic hydraulic system) up to more sophisticated solutions that use a mechanical arm to load the bin.

There are also those types of structures which, thanks to a hydraulic piston, allow the overturning of the box itself, allowing a rapid unloading of the previously loaded material. At the same time there are also cranes and hooks that can be connected to the roll-off system. A company capable of purchasing many of these types of systems is able to practically use a vehicle all year round. It will therefore make the seasonal system obsolete, that is to use the vehicles according to the season and therefore the need to have suitable vehicles for each period.

 Hook-lift systems for trucks and industrial vehicles. Fixed and hydraulic systems

Customized roll-off system for industrial vehicles

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