Outfitting of trucks and industrial vehicles

Outfitting of trucks and industrial vehicles

Information article on the topic “ outfitting trucks and industrial vehicles “.

Italy is a republic based on work and there are a large number of companies in the area in the most disparate sectors. Many of them rely on trucks and industrial vehicles to carry out the work and this also includes many activities that work on MADE IN ITALY.

But very often they are faced with the problem of the inadequacy of the means that are available in relation to a specific job that must be performed. This often leads companies to lose perhaps a slice of the market and customers who could bring profits.

The first solution is to buy all the necessary means for that specific job, but this turns out to be the most expensive solution.

The second solution is to rely on professional vehicle and truck fittings who are able to take a specific new or used vehicle and adapt it to a wide spectrum of situations.

Truck fittings allow you to modify the vehicle to your needs and often also allow you to recover an old vehicle and adapt it to a new task so that it can be useful and avoids the purchase of a new vehicle which often will have to be adapted in turn.

We come to this sector, we have been dealing with outfitting industrial vehicles and trucks for almost 40 years. Thanks to our experience we can provide you with free advice and a quote tailored to your needs in this sector.

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 Tailor-made truck and industrial vehicle outfitting for trucks

Types of equipment for trucks and industrial vehicles

When we refer to the outfitting of trucks and industrial vehicles we refer to all those operations aimed at modifying any of these industrial vehicles and making them suitable either for a specific purpose or for a wider range of services as regards the function they must carry out.

For this we can first tackle the large aspect of the caissons. The caissons can be fixed on the vehicle or mobile. In the case of mobile ones, there are manual solutions for their detachment such as stat and automatic solutions such as lifts which in any case require a power source using hydraulic jacks. As regards the structure of the box itself, we can have fixed solutions, solutions that include the most disparate configuration of movable doors, which allow loading and unloading in a wide variety of ways. Then we have the ribs, ie sheets of resistant plastic material used together with a metal structure that supports them.

These have the advantage of being able to be made in many ways as many as there are possibilities for loading and unloading the vehicle. We can therefore find lateral ribs, on one side and even above. We can even have some constructions that allow the complete opening of the box compartment. In this scenario, more particular solutions can also be found; for example we have liftable ceilings and extendable bases that give the possibility to adapt the body to types of load, so to speak “on the fly”.

There is no shortage of tailor-made creations for a specific purpose that are completely unique and that provide for a specific design for a specific customer.

The important thing is to refer to a professional in the design of truck fittings who knows how to find the solution that best suits the customer’s needs.

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This is achieved by firstly analyzing the customer’s needs, then moving on to a precise design of what is needed and, once the customer’s approval has been obtained, a realization that requires expertise in order to create a durable and reliable product that can withstand the strong demands of a commercial activity and that can guarantee safety by respecting all relevant regulations.

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